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Storytelling from the Heart

Debra specializes in spinning tales for adults.  She believes a good tale is a graceful and effective teacher and that no one ever outgrows the desire to hear one.  Stories help create a bond between one another and are a loving and creative way to relate, to inspire, and even to heal.

A a storyteller, she has discovered that there is a certain comfort, warmth, and coziness in the experience as the listener gently opens to wherever the story leads.  

Debra customizes storytelling events for any occasion and venue such as retreat centers, hospitals and hospice, worship centers, women's retreats, bereavement groups, senior centers, and private gatherings.  She presents personal and traditional stories, old and new, that embody ideas such as love, compassion, forgiveness, and hope.  Listeners have said "I talked about your storytelling for days" and that Debra is "a gifted storyteller," and "down-to-earth, humble and authentic."  Her stories "speak to the heart and soul." 

Sample Offerings:

Angels in the Snow® (a full-length story) of loss and ultimate healing.  In this magical tale, pancakes are eaten, buildings collapse, and the snow swirls while the angels fly.  And it is all true! 

True Love is everywhere!  A storytelling that is not only for the young. Tales of love for men and women, mature love, parental love, and love that continues long after death are just a few of the stories that will feed your soul.

Stories from the heart: personal stories, old and beloved stories, and tales from other lands and times.

StoryBeads® (a workshop/retreat):  If the moments in your life were a necklace, what would it contain?  Sparkling jewels? Unpolished stones? Perhaps, a few pearls of wisdom.  Whether you are 22, 52, or 92, your stories matter.  Mine those gems and string together the story of your life.

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