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Retreats & Workshops to Renew Your Soul

Debra often folds many of her beloved stories into her retreats and workshops, which she customizes for any occasion.  Individual reflection time, instruction, group discussion and hands-on activities are woven into each program which can be designed around your time schedule; whether a one-hour event, afternoon workshop, weekend retreat, or a weekly program.

Participants have said that, "everything felt perfect," that Debra "gives so much, so beautifully," and that she "was such a wonderful presenter."

SoulCollage®:creative and satisfying method for self-discovery.  Using an intuitive and fun process for creating individual collages, participants are often led into deep understanding of self, relationships, life questions, hopes and dreams. No artistic skills required. Just gather together to create your very own SoulCollage® in a relaxing, supportive, and easy atmosphere.  It's fun!

StoryBeads® (a workshop/retreat):  If the moments in your life were a necklace, what would it contain?  Sparkling jewels? Unpolished stones? Perhaps, a few pearls of wisdom.  Whether you are 22, 52, or 92, your stories matter.  Mine those gems and string together the story of your life.

StoryBeads® for Couples: A retreat for couples suitable for those who are entering into marriage or in a long-term relationship who seek to deepen their relationship by sharing their stories.  This workshop/retreat is also offered in lieu of pre-marital couple's counseling - a delightful way to begin the steps toward the wedding!

HeART & Soul®: A hands-on workshop to help you discover and enjoy your Divinely-given creativity.  Producing a masterpiece is definitely NOT the goal when all are gathered to joyfully and playfully explore storytelling, poetry, SoulCollage®, and lots of other artistic endeavors.

Souls in the City®: For those who long to go deeper in their spirituality through connection and exploration with others in a supportive group atmosphere.  Discussion, meditation, creative visualization, and sharing.

Words for the Wise®: For women who are embarking on, or well into mid-life.  This workshop incorporates stories, sharing, and contemplation.

Gone But Not Forgotten®: A healing workshop or grief group, in which to remember those we have loved and lost, through discussion, listening, ritual, and quiet.

Angels in the Snow® (a full-length story) of loss and ultimate healing followed by contemplation and sharing.  In this magical tale, pancakes are eaten, buildings collapse, and the snow swirls while the angels fly.  And it is all true!

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