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​Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction for all faiths, for those who may be searching or questioning, for those who  simply consider themselves to be spiritual, or for anyone who longs for connection.  

Reverend Debra Ting offers a listening ear in a safe and supportive enviroment.  She will nurture, guide, encourage and walk beside you in your spiritual journey.  

Directees have called her a "spiritual midwife" and "an insightful spiritual director."  They have said that she "listens with every fiber of her being and when she speaks, she has distilled the emotional and personal issues into a sweet and pure clarity...that allowed me to see what I needed to do, what steps I needed to take" and "I treasure the help that she gave me, the insights that she helped me to achieve."

Individual Spiritual Direction: One-on-one.

Souls in the City®: Group Spiritual Direction for those who long to go deeper in their spirituality through connection and exploration with others in a supportive atmosphere.

Gone But Not Forgotten®: A healing workshop or grief group, in which to remember those we have loved and lost; through discussion, listening, ritual, and quiet.

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